Jacket (80899030)

Overall (80899315)

OilPro suit provides protection against intense heat and flame.

It is intended for frontline professionals in the oil and gas industry face a vast number of life-threatening chemical hazards on a daily basis such as process sampling, inspection, handling or recharging catalyst, regularly scheduled maintenance and repair shutdowns when they could be potentially exposed to flames and fires and other consequences of explosions.

The flame-resistant properties of Nomex® fiber are inherent in the molecular structure of the fiber and no chemically added, which means they cannot be washed or worn away. Not only does Nomex® fiber offer inherent flame-resistant properties but also include a permanent antistatic fiber. Electrostatic discharge (ESD) can generate sparks with energy levels sufficient to ignite surrounding vapors, aerosols of flammable liquids or dust particles, leading to an explosion.

Garments made of Nomex® are comfortable, breathable, and resistant to tears and abrasion. The thermal protection is built right in fiber, and will not wear off or wash out over time.

OilPro suit is consisted of:

  • jacket and
  • overall.

Overall could be insulated for low ambient temperature.

The product complies with EU Directive 89/686/EEC - annex II and standards:

  • EN 340
  • EN 11612 (code A, code B1, code C1)