MetalPro suit

METALPRO SUIT (80499169)

It is made from special Nomex® MetalPro fiber and fabric blend intended for protective clothing in hazardous situations in the hot iron and steel manufacturing process, in foundries, forging (coils) and during occasional welding in industries.

MetalPro suit is designed to provide protection against the hazards of small and large molten metal splashes. It is not intended to replace protective clothing in highly hazardous situations (such as aluminized or leather garments worn very close to the furnace and heat source).

Garments made of Nomex® MetalPro are lightweight, breathable, supple and comfortable solutions that counteract the high risk of heat stress caused by heavy work under very hot conditions.

MetalPro suit is consist of jacket and bib trousers. It should always be worn as a complete set, in order to ensure maximum protection.
The product complies with EU Directive 89/686/EEC - annex II and standards:

  • EN 340
  • EN 11612 (code A, code B1, code C1, code E1)
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