Firefighter working suit FDW-9


Firefighter suit FDW-9 is made of high-technology DuPontTM Nomex® fabric and it protects from short lived exposure to open flame. It is intended for the users that participate in fighting forest fires.

The suit is designed according to its purpose, it is comfortable and easy to maintain. The suits are marked with incombustible yellow and grey reflective tapes for easier spotting the user when visibility is reduced.

Firefighting working suit FDW-9 is made of DuPontTM Nomex® fabric with a weight of 210 g/mand complies with EU directives and standards:

  • 89/686/EEC – Appendix II
  • EN 340
  • EN 15614, A1+A2
  • EN 11612 (code A1+A2, code B1, code C1)


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