ElektroPro suit


ElectroPro suit provides protection against arc flash risks. It is made from DuPont™ Nomex® fiber which is inherently flame-resistant, will not melt or drip, and does not support combustion in the air, thus providing excellent arc flash protection. And because the protection is woven right into the fabric, it cannot wear off or wash out over time.

An electric arc is a continuous electric discharge of high current between conductors, generating very bright light and intensive heat. The arc blast presents a very serious hazard (potentially fatal) because of the risk of severe burn injuries caused by intensive heat. When exposed to the intense heat typical of an electric arc, Nomex® fiber carbonizes and thickens. This increases the protective barrier between the heat source and the wearer's skin and helps minimize burn injury.

Fire retardant clothing made with Nomex® features the lowest possible weight at the highest level of protection; breathability for reduced heat stress; and the ability to effectively wick away moisture.

ElectroPro suit is consist of jacket and bib trousers. It should always be worn as a complete set, in order to ensure maximum protection.

The product complies with EU Directive 89/686/EEC - annex II and standards:

  • EN 340
  • EN 11612 (code A, code B1, code C1)
  • ENV 50354 - class 1 (4kA) 1 layer of fabric
                        - class 2 (7kA) 2 layers of fabric
                     (front part of blouses and trousers)
  • IEC / TC 78/ 359A / RVC
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