Leather set


This set is intended for use by Police members when they are performing their regular patrol duty. It is suitable for side carrying the weapon and for attaching other necessary equipment. The set is produced from high-quality leather. Fastening is with metal buckle.
Pistol holster with a carrier is made of high-quality leather and is reinforced with plastic. The holster is with leather lining. The plastic reinforcement provides that the holster is rigid thus enabling quick weapon drawing and re-holstering. There is a leather strap for securing the weapon.

The set consists of:

  • belt
  • pistol holster
  • magazine holster
  • handcuffs holster
  • holster for flashlight
  • radio device holster
  • baton loop

Other elements can be added to the Leather set according to customer demands.

Color: black or white


No. Composing parts of the belt Product code
1. Belt loop  31900999
2. Double magazine holster 31901099
3. Radio device holster 31901199
4. Handcuff holster 31901299
5. Pistol lamp holster 31901399
6. Baton carrier 31901499
7. Pistol holster 31901599
8. Belt 31901699