Winter camouflage suit M2000


The winter camouflage suit is intended for camouflaging all body parts of the soldier in snow surroundings, fully or partly covered with snow. It is worn over uniform and satisfies all criteria of functionality and camouflage ability while conducting combat missions in snow-covered terrain.

Our Winter Camouflage Suits provide protection in UV, visible and near IR part of the EM spectrum against all types of observing and aiming devices (naked eye, photo-camera, optical, and optoelectronic devices).

The reflection of the material in UV, visible and near IR part of spectrum corresponds to the reflection of the snow with "matte" surface and gloss less than 3/85°. Camouflage is successful even at small distances (<10m).

The cut and size of the suit make it comfortable and enable wearing it over heavy winter clothes. It is produced in three different sizes.


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