Demining suit MD-06FB

DEMINING SUIT MD-06FB (31309199)
Produced by the Company “MILE DRAGIC PRODUCTION” is intended for experts for explosive devices.

Demining suit provides protection of the front side of the body against dangers that arise from possible detonations, such as all types of high-velocity fragments (V 50 >500m/s), high pressure and intense heat. The suit enables substantial mobility during fieldwork.
The Back side of the suit is made of mesh fabric for better
air circulation. Cover of the suit is made of materials of
various colors and can be made to provide protection in
visible and near IR part of EM spectrum.
There are pockets on the front side for placing the
necessary equipment.
Total weight of complete DEMINING SUIT M-06FB is 11 kg.

DEMINING SUIT M-06FB also includes:

  • Helmet M-97A with visor
  • Belt set
  • Carrying bag
  • Hand and foot protection
DEMINING SUIT MD-06 provides following levels of protection
NIJ 0101.04 STANAG 2920, V50
1. Protective vest (front side) IIIA > 500 m/s
2. Groin protector (front side) IIIA > 500 m/s
3. Collar protection (front side) IIIA > 500 m/s
4. Protective hose (front side) IIA > 400 m/s
5. Protective sleeves (front side) IIA > 400 m/s

The visor provides protection from bullets 9mm PARA (FMJ 8.0g, Vmax=441 m/s).
The protection level of DEMINING SUIT can be upgraded by inserting ballistic plate (front) of the following protection levels: level III or level IV per NIJ STD 0101.04.