Demining boots MD-03

DEMINING BOOTS MD-03 (31310099)

They represent a part of protective equipment used during movement through the minefield, and they are effective against antipersonnel mines (equivalent to 75g TNT). The upper part of the DEMINING BOOTS (apart from the sole) is identical to military boots. It is made of finest quality leather and is glued and stitched to the sole.

The upper part of the sole comprises a ballistic plate which minimizes the direct effect of detonations against the user’s feet. The middle sole is constructed of a microporous material that is 30 mm thick and its purpose is to absorb the impact of detonations. The lower part of the sole is a standard military boots sole. The boots are produced according to the French measurement system and come in sizes 41 to 46.

Weight of one pair of DEMINING Boots, size 42, is less than 3.2 kg.

Demining boots are tested with static and dynamic methods.


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