Anti-riot vest

ANTI-RIOT VEST (31801099;31801199)

These vests are intended for special police forces and anti-riot squads.
The vests protect the upper body and the arms from blows with batons, stones etc. and from stabs with sharp objects. The vests are flexible and provide excellent mobility.

There are two models of anti-riot vest, with the same protective features.

  • The first model of the vest is made of flexible foam material covered with synthetic fabric, with added inner
    protective elements made of plastics.
  • The second model is made of flexible spacer material, with added outer protective plastic elements.

The basic assembly of both models consists of front and back body-shaped parts with shoulder protection which is joined together by means of Velcro system. The weight of the basic assembly is approximately 2.1 kg.

Also, there are following optional elements that can be added to the basic assembly of the vests:

  • Groin protectors
  • Various pouches and holsters
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