About Us

Manufacturies Facilities

The production capacities of the company Mile Dragić Production are situated on 15.000 sqm.

Production is divided into the following production programs:

  • Highly specialized specific program (equipment for military and police forces and other security services);
  • Physical and technical security programs (equipment for private security agencies and individual civilian protection);
  • Protection of equipment in the industry (firefighter suits EN 469, single layer firefighter suits EN ISO 15614; Nomex® working uniforms: Oil industry, Metal industry, Electro industry);
  • Tarpaulin program (heavy covers for all kinds of cargos and delivery vehicles as week as every other type of specialized covers for protection of equipment and manpower);

Production program is organized by production plants:

  • Hard ballistics plant – production of ballistic protective plates, ballistic protective helmets and ballistic shields;
  • Soft ballistics and clothing – production of ballistic protective vests, uniforms and holsters;
  • Intervention and camouflage equipment plant – production of intervention sets, camouflage nets and sniper suits.